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* Audio Visual
* Computer Services
* Displays
* Graphic Arts
* Photography
* plus many other business services
       (such as short order temp help)

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         courteously of YouTube
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We can accept bank debit & credit cards via PayPal.
On request .. an email will be sent from us to you .. with a link to pay with your card.
This method saves us monthly charges. Checks and cash are fine.







Please call for an appointment to see actual examples of my everyday graphic works.
We shoot Stills in Digital.
Decorative, documentation, illustration, portraits, weddings, etc.  

In Video we can shoot multi camera setups in 3CCD to SD-DVD not in HD-BlueRay.
Directing projects from script to screen.
Suggestions include commercials, conferences, sales demos, and training tapes. 

To see several video clips ..... click link .....  courteously of YouTube.
                                                                        goto video clips
We transfer photos/slides/8mm films to video.
Tape and DVD duplication services.


The alaCart RatePage has been discarded this year - 2014.
I am still a T&M (time&materials) contract shooter/editor generally speaking.

A contract price for a project is negotiable. Please call or write if you have something in mind.


Wedding Day Coverage
Stills  (man & machine)
WS1> 3 hours. CD with digital images. Price $225.00
WS2> 4 hours. CD with digital images. Price $300.00
WS3> 6 hours. CD with digital images. Price $450.00
WS4> 8 hours. CD with digital images. Price $600.00

plus Mileage at 30 cents per mile both directions
plus SalesTax at 6.5%

I would like to see you add a 4x6 album to your photo order. See Albums below.
When the wedding is ready for pickup, I'd like you to have prints at that time to flip through.
I would choose a typical cross section to synopsis the day. The prints slide in and can be easily changed.

WV1> Basic Video. 1 camera coverage. Basic editing. 1 DVD master. Price $100.00
WV2> Additional Camera. Edited into WV1, WV3. Price $75.00
WV3> Wedding Video Deluxe. Main camera footage with 2nd unmanned camera blended in.
             Includes music video quick synopsis, edited with popular music you supply with 30 old photos into production.
            1 DVD master. Price $375.00

plus Labor at $45 per hour
                               ( example 3hrs=$135 .. 4hrs=$180 .. 6hrs=$270 .. 8hrs$360 )

plus Mileage at 30 cents per mile both directions
plus SalesTax at 6.5% (option only, not labor dollars)

Still Photography
          Location work $45 per hour (man & machine) to CD
          Studio work $25 per hour (man & machine) to CD
                                (family portraits, seniors, products)

Enlargements:  prices each (except wallets sold in pairs) 
                              Wallets - $1.85   4x6 - $1.85   5x7 - $3.85   8x10 - $9.95   11x14 - $19.50   16x20 - $34.50
                              extra CD in paper $3

                              Layout a multi-picture mix design page. $3.00 per element. Enlargement prices apply for prints.

Packages:  of 1 shot (can be a composite mix) typically a senior
                       Package 1 (4-4pk Wallets, 4-5x7, 2-8x10)   $31.95
                       Package 2 (4-4pk Wallets, 6-4x6, 6-5x7, 2-8x10)   $42.95
                       Package 3 (8-4pk Wallets, 12-4x6, 12-5x7, 6-8x10)   $98.95

Albums:  white with gold trim
        A1>   36 - 4x6 prints  $  50.50
        A2>   72 - 4x6 prints  $  75.50
        A3> 120 - 4x6 prints  $109.00
        A4> 150 - 4x6 prints  $133.50
        A5> 12x12 White Album filled with 2-8x10,  8-5x7, 24-3x5 photos. Price $228.00
        A6> 12x12 White Album filled with 4-8x10, 12-5x7, 32-3x5 photos. Price $275.00
        A7> 12x12 White Album filled with 6-8x10, 16-5x7, 40-3x5 photos. Price $322.00

V1> Basic Video. 1 camera coverage. Basic editing. 1 DVD master. Price $100.00
V2> Additional Camera. Edited into V1. Price $75.00
V3> Production Video Deluxe. Full skills video editing of V1 & V3. Outline required to accept. Price $300.00

VT1> Photo to Video Transfer.
           Base charge of $25.00 + 20 cents per item (picture / title / song) output to master DVD.
VT2> 8mm Movie Transfer.
           Base charge of $25.00 + $3 per 3" reel + $10 per 5" reel + $14 per 7" reel output to master DVD.

Extra DVD copies .. $5 in paper envelope .. $7 in plastic case with cover
VHS Copies: Base charge of $5.00 + $5 per hour of footage to SD-DVD


dotPhoto/William_Rodriguez_20070422.jpg dotPhoto/SOAR_powwow_20050716.jpg dotPhoto/Ruth_Sine_funeral_20080310.jpg dotPhoto/my_trip_East_20080105.jpg
dotPhoto/Ottawa_Memorial_Day_20080526.jpg dotPhoto/Columbia_College_Manifest_20060512.jpg dotPhoto/Bulldogs_Poker_Run_20050924.jpg dotPhoto/AASHO_trek_20060624.jpg

List of albums available at dotPhoto ... my community events photo finisher.
I will add pictures and albums from time to time ... so check back.
The number series is year-month-day of event.

Albums Online 

Bluegrass Fest 2011-09-17
LST325 2011-09-06
9/11 Flag Utica 2011-05-04
Groundhog Day Snowfall 2011-02-02

Composite of Older Events
My Stuff
Misc Graphic Works

- below this point, these Older Albums have been deleted online -
- a composite album with a single picture from each event can be seen -
- complete albums can viewed here at the studio -

Starved Rock Winter Weekend 2011-01-16
GP+ 25th Anniversary 2010-07-26
my trip thru the Midwest 2010-07-04
Heritage Tractor Adventure 2010-06-06
Irene the Librarian 30yrs 2009-12-04
Utica Veterans Day 2009-11-08
Oglesby Water Tower 2009-11-2 2009-10-18
Oglesby Scarecrow Fest 2009-10-03
IVAR Party At The Park 2009-09-27
POW Bus & farmers market 2009-9-3
my trip West vacation 2009-7-1 Demo at Starved Rock Lodge 2009-1-11
Veterans Day 2008-11-11
Utica Veterans Parade 2008-11-09
Historic Flood 2008-09-16
Lincoln Douglas Debate 2008-08-23
Oglesby Car Show 2008-07-05
Canal Boat arrives 2008-06-06
Ottawa Memorial Day 2008-05-26
Ruth Sine funeral 2008-03-10
my trip East 2008-01-05
Interstate 39 potatoe accident 2007-12-26
Utica Veterans Day 2007-11-11
Dr. Bob Bowman 9/11 2007-07-07
LaSalle County Historical Museum 100th 2007-06-16

William Rodriguez 9/11 2007-04-22
Chicago Federal Reserve 2007-03-07
Rosy Latur book signing 2006-09-29
Madison, WI art fair 2006-07-09
Interstate 80 AASHO test track 2006-06-24
SOAR powwow 2006-05-20
Columbia College Manifest 2006-05-12
Oglesby Veterans Day 2005-11-11
Ed Tick book signing 2005-11-11
Bulldogs Poker Run 2005-09-24
Carus Mansion ceiling 2005-09-16
LaSalle Co Landowners 2005-07-28
Radio Control Plane Club 2005-07-17
SOAR powwow 2005-07-16
wind energy 2005-05-22
Sgt Ray Mabry Iraq return 2005-03-23
Obama Visit 2004-07-31
Heritage Tractor Adventure 2004-06-15
Utica tornado 2004-04-21
300th Quartermaster return 2004-04-16
Rock the Mansion 2004-03-21


The next composition named "Future Now" is composed of 6 concept shots.
These days I with many others are calling out for calm in our world.

For me "Unity" began in 1981, my US Army photographer days.
I sent it off to a number of New York area publications and got a stack of thank you notes.
The ribbon is from the LaSalle County Town & Country Art Fair at Peru Mall in 1982.


In cronological order of creation the next layout is "Ode to the Unborn" or "Half ______"
The title is limiting to the concept of this shot and is a precursor to my thoughts on possibilities
of the mind, which I remember hearing once or twice we humans use about 10% of our capacity.

Next shot is more what I do on a weekly basis, family portraits. This one I call
"Whole World in His Hands".

"Intelligent Design" has been floating in my brain for years, and the recent debate got this
pokey puppy up and bouncing to put it into print.

Next shot, I've not decided if this is to be called "Light and Darkness" or "The Graven Image".
The ribboned painting is by Gary Oglesby, which I purchased after seeing it at the 1997
Town and Country Art Fair. I hope he approves of the additions.

Finally "Way to Go" was designed by me and shot by my Mom, since it's my eye.
The idea is human kind has come a long way trying their hand at intelligent design
and a way way long way to go.

To download the above "Future Now" drawing" designed for 8x10 paper - click this link.


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